What is MetaGods?

World's first play-to-earn 8-bit NFT ARPG built on BSC!
MetaGods is the world's first play-to-earn 8-bit Action NFT RPG built on the blockchain, where you play as a demigod like Achilles or Hercules, and embark on the Path of Ascension to becoming a true god, exploring vast dungeons and battling monsters and powerful deities.
MetaGods is a player-owned economy where players can truly own, buy, sell, and trade utility-driven NFTs and in-game resources they earn in the game. Our platform offers the ultimate play-to-earn experience with a multitude of benefits and unique features:
  • Trade and play with generative art NFTs of different rarity and character classes.
  • Vanquish mythical monsters and earn legendary loot which can be traded on the marketplace.
  • Own and monetize LAND to generate passive income.
  • Unique LAND ownership benefits and game interaction.
  • Team up with friends from any Metaverse and earn even more rewards.
  • Become part of a Guild and gain access to additional revenue sources.
  • Cross-chain gameplay and trading.
  • Stake in Dungeon missions to autoplay and earn rewards.
  • Multiple staking platforms on MetaGods DApp (e.g. LP, single token staking, cross tokens staking).