🛡️Guild System

Join a Guild to earn high APY rewards!

What is a Guild?

Guilds are the foundation of Social GameFi in MetaGods. Players can form Guilds to participate in exclusive Guild activities and earn additional revenue on the platform.

Guild Activities

Guild members can play Dungeon missions together to increase their chances of winning, earning high APY rewards.

Compete against other Guilds in PvP tournaments and special events! Make your mark on the leaderboards!

Buildings are key gameplay and earning mechanics in Guilds. LAND owning Guild members can earn $RELIC fees from other Guild members who use their Buildings. Guild members who are not LAND owners can benefit from this by having access to facilities they otherwise would not have, upgrading their NFT and improving their play-to-earn experience.

Guild members can donate or trade in-game resources with each other at a Trading Post, a Resource Trading Building.

Guild Treasury

In-game resources or $RELIC can be donated to the Guild Treasury which will be used for further expansion of the Guild such as upgrading the Guild tech tree or maintaining Building upkeep. The Treasury will also function as a war chest for Guild members to fund their entry fees in Dungeon raids or PvP tournaments.

Guild members who donate their in-game resources receive Guild Points which are special Guild currencies that can be used to spend at the Guild Shop.

Guild Shop

Players can purchase certain utility items and consumables with Guild Points at the Guild Shop.

The Guild Shop requires Guild Credit to restock the items and consumables in the shop for members to purchase. Donating resources generate Guild Credit which accumulates in the Guild Treasury.

Guild Technology Tree

Players can utilize donated resources and $RELIC at the Guild Treasury to unlock and upgrade their Guild Technology Tree, which grants buffs and benefits for all Guild members.

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