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Military Buildings

Only the strongest will survive, stand your ground with the might of your glorious army!
Military Buildings are powerful structures that grant players buffs and benefits regarding NFT Character Utilities and Guild Utilities.
Military Buildings are the backbone of Guild infrastructure, facilitating almost all Guild activity and trade. LAND owners can benefit from passive income of $RELIC fees, and non-LAND owners can upgrade their NFT and earn more rewards from the play-to-earn structure.
Some Military Buildings have unique benefits which enhance NFT gameplay experience for individual players such as reducing duration and failure rate of Mission Staking or shortening the lockout time for perished NFT characters.
Certain Military Buildings grant combat stat buffs or XP boost. Players also have a chance to draw a free character NFT at the Tavern.
There are Military Buildings which specifically benefit the Guild. Their facilities can be used by any Guild members, and LAND owners can receive $RELIC fees as a result.