Guild Hall/Town Centre/Castle


War is an extension of politics. In times of war, the Guild Hall serves as the war room for generals and warlords to plan out battle strategies. It is the administrative center that is the seat of governmental power and leadership.

Building Overview

The Guild Hall is a unique military Building, and is the heart of the Guild's infrastructure. It serves as a hub for all Guild members to congregate and socialize, and is the rendezvous point for Guild campaigns.

Accumulated resources and funds in the Guild Treasury are used to fund Guild campaigns and pay for entry fees such as Dungeon raids and PvP tournaments as well as to unlock Guild Technology Trees which grant all Guild members certain buffs and benefits.

All $MGOD token holders are able to participate in governance and propose changes within the Guild.

Guild Halls can be upgraded to Town Centres which then can be upgraded to Castles. Each upgrade unlocks various benefits pertaining to the Guild such as lower entry fees.

Rarity LevelMilitary Building

Guild Hall

Town Centre


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