Prometheus saw innovation and curiosity in humanity, and gifted them fire to shape a brighter future. Humans used it to create knowledge and technologies, which gave rise to civilization as a whole. But this gift also had other consequences that Prometheus did not foresee.
Knowledge is a potent weapon, and technology is its vessel. Some practices are said to be so dangerous that the Gods forbid humans to ever learn of them, and erased them from the history books. Tales of these forbidden knowledge are said to be hidden deep within vaults of ancient libraries.

Building Overview

Libraries are technological research Buildings which allow players to unlock and upgrade various technologies.
Technologies grant special buffs and benefits that empower the LAND owner's economic and military power. Buffs and Benefits from Library technology trees do not affect other Guild Members, and is only applied to the LAND owner. It is different from the Guild technology tree which benefits all Guild members.
Unlocking and upgrading technologies require resources, rare materials, and $RELIC. The higher up the technology tree, the more expensive the upgrade costs.
Libraries can be upgraded to Academies which then can be upgraded to Universities. Each upgrade unlocks higher levels of the technology tree.
Rarity Level
Technological Research Building
Technology Level Access
Library > Academy > University