Taverns are always the first place travellers go to in a town or city. In there, you will find all kinds of people and meet unlikely allies who are fated to help you write history. Taverns have become a symbol of destiny, and many epic heroes began their journey there.

Building Overview

Taverns are military Buildings where players can spend $RELIC and resources for a chance to draw new character NFTs.

Taverns allow players a chance to grind for character NFTs by spending $RELIC instead of $MGOD. However, the draw is limited every few days and the character NFT is limited to 3-Star highest. It serves as a secondary option to buying on the marketplace with $MGOD.

Resources or certain rare materials will drop instead if a character NFT is not drawn.

Taverns can be upgraded to Inns which then can be upgraded to Breweries. Each upgrade increases the chance of acquiring character NFTs.

Rarity LevelMilitary BuildingCharacter NFT Draw Probability







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