Monuments of Gods are extensions of temples and monasteries built to honor the Gods. It is said that the Gods bestow blessings and power to their faithful followers. For example, worshippers of Ares become stronger warriors, and worshippers of Demeter yield bountiful crops. They are important points of communication between humanity and deities to maintain balance of the world.

Building Overview

Altars are military Buildings that provide certain combat stat buffs or XP boost for character NFTs.

These Altars are statues of the God corresponding to the Dungeon, and different Dungeons grant different types of buffs for the LAND owner. For example, Zeus Altars grant extra Strength and Attack Power, Medusa Altars grant extra Intelligence and Magic Points.

This allow players to diversify their characters' build path. Additionally, Owning LANDs in multiple Dungeons enable stacking of Altar buffs.

Altars can be upgraded to Monuments which then can be upgraded to Mausoleums. Each upgrade slightly increases character stats.

Rarity LevelMilitary BuildingStat Increase







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