Legend says Atlantis was so beautiful that Poseidon became envious and sank the city to the bottom of the ocean. Its architectural works were way ahead of its time. How they were able to achieve such feat remains a mystery. The skill of masonry is important in consolidating a vast empire.

Building Overview

Masonries are tax reduction Buildings which reduce the upkeep costs of all Buildings.
All Buildings have an internal health bar which decays over time. If a certain level of decay is reached, the productivity and efficiency of the Building decreases but is still usable. Keeping the Buildings "healthy" requires regular upkeep costs to maintain their efficiency.
Food, wood, stone, and gold are the resources needed to pay for upkeep costs. LAND owners who are Guild members are entitled to use donated resources in the Guild Treasury to pay for upkeep costs. Regulations on resource mobilisation in the Guild Treasury can be changed and decided by the participating LAND owners via governance.
Higher level of engineering and architecture constructs stronger Buildings which reduces maintenance cost. Masonry can be upgraded to Foundry which then can be upgraded to Factory. Each upgrade decreases upkeep costs of all Buildings.
Rarity Level
Tax Reduction Building
Upkeep Cost
Masonry > Foundry > Factory