Game Modes

Hardcore Mode vs Casual Mode!
Players must own a character NFT to play the game.
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As of now, MetaGods has two game modes: Hardcore Mode and Casual Mode. In the future, more game modes will be added such as tower horde defence or dungeon speed runs.

Hardcore Mode

What are Dungeons?

The game world of MetaGods is made up of 35 Dungeons, and each Dungeon is governed by a Boss such as Zeus, Poseidon or Medusa. In Hardcore Mode, players can select any Dungeon to play in, and the objective is to defeat all the monsters and the Boss within the Dungeon.
Each Dungeon has a certain difficulty level. Higher-level Dungeons yield higher rewards. Players can either play solo or join/form Guilds and team up to play Dungeon missions together.
The best way to beat higher-level Dungeons is to group up with your fellow Guild members and equip high-tiered Weapons!

What is NFT Permadeath?

Hardcore Mode has a unique feature called NFT Permadeath. If your selected character dies in the Dungeon, that character will be locked out indefinitely and cannot be used for a certain period of time.
By backing playable characters as NFTs and integrating permadeath mechanics secured by a distributed ledger, this creates NFT scarcity, ensuring that the rarest and highest-tiered character NFTs that you own are truly the strongest. Only a few will survive the most challenging Dungeons, and these will be the most valuable NFTs in the ecosystem.
You can shorten the permadeath time by building a Hospital on your Land!

Casual Mode

Players can stake their character NFTs in Dungeon missions to earn rewards passively. However, there is a built-in NFT Mission Staking Failure Rate, which means there is a small chance that the mission will fail.
If the mission fails, all $RELIC rewards that would be granted to the player are instead distributed amongst the LAND owners within that Dungeon. If the mission succeeds, the player will earn the $RELIC rewards, and LAND owners will also receive a small fee from the winnings.
In Casual Mode, players will be able to spectate the game live while it is being autoplayed.