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Unique Game Ownership

Dropped Loot Distribution

By owning LAND in a Dungeon, players also have ownership of the Boss within that Dungeon. Any other players who perished in that Dungeon, their item NFTs are dropped, and will be rewarded to the LAND owners of that Dungeon which can be upgraded or sold at the secondary market for $RELIC.
Dropped NFT item loot is distributed amongst multiple LAND owners within a Dungeon via a raffle based on the percentage of LAND owned in the Dungeon. For example, if you own a 4x4 LAND in a Zeus Dungeon, which is a total size of 10x10, you own 16% of the Dungeon. Therefore, you will have a 16% chance of acquiring the dropped loot when it is rolled.
MetaGods have partnered with Chainlink to use their VRF function to accurately determine where the dropped loot will go, ensuring verifiable fairness for all LAND owners.

Asymmetrical Gaming

This completely changes the narrative of traditional gaming as players can "control" and monetize the enemy NPC, practically fighting against other fighters who ventures into their Dungeon. We have coined this term "asymmetrical gaming". There is also no penalty for LAND owners if the Dungeon Boss is slain, because it is technically not a playable character affected by NFT permadeath. Players can continually earn passive revenue as long as they have ownership of the LAND.
LAND owners are essentially owning portions of MetaGods, and becoming a part of the game. If you own LAND in a Zeus Dungeon, you are Zeus. If you own LANDs in multiple Dungeons for example, you can be Medusa, Prometheus, and Ares altogether etc.