Gold Pit/Gold Mine/Smelter


Legend says that gold were the blood of Gods spilled over the earth, running deep within its veins. Believed to be conferred with immortal and godlike properties, gold has been a powerful commodity that has shaped and destroyed civilizations. There is a reason why gold is malleable, indestructible, and eternal.

Building Overview

Gold Pits are resource production Buildings which produce gold for collection by players.
Gold Pits can be upgraded to Gold Mines which then can be upgraded to Smelters. Each upgrade increases gold production per hour and max gold capacity.
Gold is the scarcest resource among the four main resources. Not much gold deposit is found throughout the lands of MetaGods. Thus, its production speed is relatively lower than the other three resources.
Rarity Level
Resource Production Building
Gold Pit
Gold Mine
Gold Pit > Gold Mine > Smelter