On the battlefield dominated by strategy, information is the key to victory. If you know your enemy and yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles or so the old saying goes. But if you know the future, you need not fear anything. The Oracle of Delphi was said to foresee all major undertakings of the ancient world. Emperors and kings everywhere paid tribute to the Temple of Apollo just to consult with the Oracle about their destiny.

Building Overview

Observatories are military Buildings that reduce failure rate of Mission Staking.

Staking your character NFT in Dungeon Missions via autoplay will have a small chance of failing the Mission. Building Observatories can help reduce the chance of failing, allowing you to almost guarantee winnings in autoplay.

Prophets can see into the future and avoid devastating events. Stronger vision conjures more accurate prophecies. Observatories can be upgraded to Oracles which then can be upgraded to Seers. Each upgrade reduces Mission Staking failure rate even more.

Rarity LevelMilitary BuildingFailure Rate Reduction







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