Players can swap their in-game currency $RELIC to our governance token $MGOD at the Bank. This process will be regulated to ensure token stability.

GameFi 2.0

Our play-to-earn ecosystem incorporates a hybrid model of traditional gaming and decentralized play-to-earn to ensure sustainability and value for all players. This is represented by our dual-token economy (MGOD = decentralized, RELIC = centralized)

  • To control the volatility and peg of MGOD, our $RELIC token will be the in-game regulated currency, and it will be on-chain, only transferrable to whitelisted wallets.

  • The exchange rate for $RELIC will be controlled by the MetaGods community, early supporters, and the game developers. The rate is dynamic, which means that if more players are selling, it will cost more $RELIC per $MGOD to exchange. If more people are buying and spending $RELIC in the ecosystem, then the exchange rate will stay the same or rebase to the correct overall value.

MetaGods will control the volatility of the $RELIC token, regulate the price, and protect all investors to ensure continuous momentum for the decentralized $MGOD token. This way, we achieve a decentralized world where people can build and create whatever they want, with a centralized in-game exchange and swap system to control inflation and bad actors.

Our dual-token ecosystem will not be allowed to run out of control due to the prevailing risks of a completely decentralized system, such as weโ€™ve seen in other projects. Yet at the same time, a little TLC from community stakeholders as well as careful and diligent monitoring by our superteam of developers will ensure there is always balance in the metaverse.

We believe this approach will ensure that MetaGods breaks the wheel of failed dual-token P2E games that just donโ€™t last the course. MetaGods โ€“ powered by $MGOD and balanced by $RELIC, will inevitably become known throughout the metaverse!

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