During the Great War, the Conduits between mortals and the Gods were destroyed, and both sides can no longer cross over freely to each other's realm, disrupting the balance of the world. This brought about a great cataclysm that would threaten the existence of humanity.
To save mankind from extinction, an ancient order of priests and oracles built temples and monasteries to re-establish contact with the Gods. Worshipping and offering tributes became important practices to hold the fabric of reality together.

Building Overview

Monasteries are special types of resource trading Buildings as it is Guild-oriented. Players can donate resources to the Guild Treasury, and receive Guild Points to spend in the Guild Shop. There is a limit to how much resources players can donate per day. For example, players can only donate 2,500 of each resources per day.
Donating resources generate Guild Credits in the Guild Shop which can be used by the Guild leader and officers to restock certain items in the shop for members to purchase.
You can earn fees by lending out your equipments at the Monastery to fellow Guild members!
Monasteries can be upgraded to Churches which then can be upgraded to Cathedrals. Each upgrade increases Guild Points allocation and Guild Credits generation.
Rarity Level
Resource Trading Building
Guild Points Allocation
Guild Credits Generation
Monastery > Church > Cathedral