Throughout history, legendary weapons wielded by Heroes and Gods have made a name for themselves, sung of in songs and spoken of in whispers. Each one of them has their own story, but they are all born from the same place, the Forge.

Zeus' Thunderbolt, Poseidon's Trident, and Achilles' Armour were some of the most powerful artifacts in time. Each one has unique powers and properties. crafted by Hephaestus, the God of Blacksmith.

Building Overview

Forges are military Buildings that grant players access to creating high-level items such as weapons and armors.

Forges can be used and shared among Guild members. LAND owners can earn $RELIC from Guild members who use their forge.

Players need at least resources, rare materials, and $RELIC to forge items. Higher-tier items also require certain rare monster loot drops.

Craftsmanship of legendary items require skilled forgers and blacksmiths who can manipulate dangerous properties of rare materials and imbue them into the soul of the item. Forges can be upgraded to Blacksmiths which then can be upgraded to Armouries. Each upgrade unlocks access to higher-tiered item rarity.

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