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Economic Buildings

The heart and soul of your in-game economy, the key to high APY rewards!
Economic Buildings form the bulk of the LAND's economic output and infrastructure. They mainly function in Resource production and Trading as well as Technological Research and Tax Reduction.
In-game resource and $RELIC consumption will be core gameplay mechanics to regulate the inflation of $RELIC. At the same time, managing LAND Buildings yields high return on investment, creating a circular economy and a sustainable ecosystem in MetaGods.

Resource Production

Resource Production Buildings provide resource income for LAND owners. These Buildings constitute the primary source of the game's main resources — Food, Wood, Stone, Gold, and Rare Materials such as Arcane Rune and Dark Steel.
Resources can be used to unlock various technologies at the Library, upgrade Building rarity, maintain Building upkeep cost, crafting equipment or traded for $RELIC at the Trading Post.
Rare Materials are used to craft legendary equipment or upgrade specific high-level technologies, which would require additional $RELIC and certain Monster Drops to produce.
The efficiency of Resource Production Buildings is affected by the terrain of the LAND. For example, Wood production is significantly increased when a Logging Camp is built on Forest LANDs.
Some Resource Production Buildings are terrain-limited, and can only be built on certain terrain. For example, Docks can only be built on LANDs next to the sea.
Resource Production Buildings have a max resource capacity. When max capacity is reached, additional resources will not be generated until manually collected by the player.

Resource Trading

Resource Trading Buildings allow players to swap Resources for $RELIC, donate Resources to the Guild Treasury in exchange for special Guild currencies or send Resources to Guild members for strategic support.
These trading mechanics create an economic flow of in-game resources and $RELIC between players and guilds, yielding premium currencies. This incentivizes Guild development and in-game trading, simulating real-world diplomacy and dynamics of macroeconomics and microeconomics within the game.

Technological Research

Technological Research Buildings grant players access to unlock and upgrade various technologies that grant special buffs and benefits.
Researching technologies is critical to developing a thriving economy as well as a powerful Guild.
Players can spend Resources, Rare Materials, and $RELIC to unlock various technologies.

Tax Reduction

All Buildings have upkeep costs to maintain their utility efficiency. Certain Buildings can reduce the upkeep costs of Buildings.
There is a small tax for trading item NFTs on the secondary market. Certain Buildings can reduce the taxation even more, maximizing a true player-driven economy.