What is a LAND?

Own a piece of MetaGods with LAND. Become a part of the game!
A LAND is a digital piece of real-estate that makes up the entire game world of MetaGods.
The smallest unit of LAND is a 1x1 grid which is a part of a 10x10 Dungeon.
There are 35 Dungeons in the entire realm of MetaGods, which means there are 3,500 plots of LAND in the ecosystem. Only 3,200 will be available for sale, and the remaining 300 will be reserved for internal game economy use, future community giveaways and other special events.

How to Purchase LAND?

As of now, there are 2 ways to purchase LAND:
  • LAND Ticket Sale on GameFi.org Marketplace
Users can view the MetaGods Dungeon and available LANDs:
MetaGods Dungeon Map
Selected LAND tickets will be listed at the GameFi.org marketplace. Users can purchase the ticket(s), go to the Dungeon Map in our DApp and claim the LAND(s).
Price: 5 BNB per plot
There will be a bundle bonus for limited buyers:
Buy 10 plots to get 1 free plot from the Zeus Dungeon!
The bundle deal above ensures fair distribution between competing guilds. We want everyone to have a chance to own part of Zeus Dungeon since it is the strongest Dungeon and boss.
  • Limited $MGOD Pool
We are also releasing 10 plots of LANDs per day at our DApp, accepting $MGOD as payment at a discounted price of 3,000 $MGOD per plot.
However, all LANDs purchased in $MGOD are randomly selected by our system whereas you can pick your own LAND in the BNB pool.