Trading Post/Market/Commerce Centre


Trade is the soul of great empires. Cities rich in valuable commodities such as spices and valuable metals brought in more than just gold and silver. Trade emporiums became a gathering place for different cultures to interact with one another, bringing about exchanges of ideas, entertainment, news, language, and art.

Building Overview

Trading Posts are resource trading Buildings where players can trade all four of their resources together for $RELIC at a Trading Post. For example, 1000 of each food, wood, stone, and gold for 1 $RELIC.

There is a limit to how much $RELIC players can earn per day. For example, with a Trading Post, players can only earn $10 $RELIC per day. This limit can be increased with each upgrade.

Trading Posts can be upgraded to Markets which then can be upgraded to Commerce Centres.

Players can also send resources to other Guild members. Each transaction is taxed at a certain rate which goes to the Guild Treasury. This tax rate can be decreased with each upgrade.

Rarity LevelResource Trading BuildingMax $RELIC EarnedResource Tax Rate

Trading Post






Commerce Centre



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