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Hospitals originated from Asclepeion, temples dedicated to Asclepius, the God of Medicine and Son of Apollo. He was said to have healing powers so powerful that it unlocked the secret to true immortality. Zeus slew him, fearing that all men might be rendered immortal. Death is inevitable; medicine only delays it.

Building Overview

Hospitals are military Buildings that reduce the NFT lockout time of perished heroes in Hardcore Mode.
All character NFTs are affected by NFT permadeath in which the character is locked out of Hardcore Mode indefinitely, losing their value.
Gaining access to Hospitals can be game-changing as it guarantees character NFTs are not locked out indefinitely after permadeath. Instead, players can use their character NFT again after a certain period of lockout time.
Hospitals can be upgraded to Apothecaries which then can be upgraded to Mausoleums. Each upgrade reduces the NFT lockout time even more.
Rarity Level
Military Building
Character NFT Lockout Duration
Hospital > Apothecary > Sanatorium