Alchemist's Workshop/Druid's Sanctum/Sorcerer's Temple


Mages have extraordinary abilities to bend and manipulate energy into magic. They are said to be descendants of the Gods. There are many different types of magic, and one of them is enchantment magic, the art of weaponizing monster fragments. These fragments are bound with magic to procure Rare Materials which are used in crafting magical equipment.
Some monsters were spawns of Gods and Titans, bred for war. Others originated from different dimensions. One thing is for sure: monsters are powerful creatures imbued with godlike essence. Throughout the centuries, warriors and mages sought after monster fragments to create the ultimate weapon.

Building Overview

Alchemist's Workshops are resource production Buildings. They are the only Buildings that can produce premium types of resources called "Rare Materials" which are used for crafting equipment or unlocking upgrades.
Crafting Rare Materials require resources, $RELIC and certain monster fragments. Monster fragments have a chance to drop after the monster is slain. Higher level monsters drop rarer monster fragments which can produce more powerful Rare Materials.
There are various Rare Materials such as Arcane, Runes, Phantom Shards, God Blood, Styx Essence, and Nightshade etc.
Alchemist's Workshop can be upgraded to Druid's Sanctum which then can be upgraded to Sorcerer's Temple. Each upgrade unlocks access to higher levels of rare materials.
Rarity Level
Resource Production Building
Material Rarity
Alchemist's Workshop
Druid's Sanctum
Sorcerer's Temple
Alchemist's Workshop > Druid's Sanctum > Sorcerer's Temple